Lovingly crafted, the illustrations and art of the game brings the denizens of the Kingswood to life.

The leaders of all four great merchant houses - Sloth, Llama, Ostrich, and Manatee - have been painstakingly researched to be as historically accurate as possible.*

* Note: As the Kingswood and characters are fictional, this was not very possible.

Afterwards, both the characters and The Kingswood went through progressive refinement.

road tile - overpass - 01 - pencil road tile - overpass - 02 - pencil road tile - overpass - 03 - ink
Seloth-house-castle-concept fort - tile - bottom-sloth fort-tile-bottom-sloth

Check out the following Blog Post for insight into the creative process in creating the Art of The Kingswood:

Forts for Sloths


Below is a selection of work from the game.

Note, this art is work in progress by Ada Robinson and Alan Wong. The final artwork may change significantly upon release.

Road Tile - L

Road Tile - Crossroads


Road Tile - Bandit - T

house manatee fort

house sloth fort


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