A fantastic treasure has been discovered at the heart of The Kingswood. Now the race is on, as the great merchant houses build roads to that treasure - and use the gold to buy The Kingswood itself!

The Kingswood is a game for 2-4 players of sly subversion. Pave your way to vitory by subverting the paths of your rivals and out-think them by choosing the best roles. The game takes about 60 minutes.


You play one of the great Merchant Houses as the King has put the deed for The Kingswood up for sale. A treasure has been found at the heart of The Kingswood, and the merchant houses all plan to use The Kingswood's own funds to buy it!

As House Sloth, House Ostrich, House Llama, or House Manatee, you spring into action, trying to build roads (or pave over roads of competing houses) to connect your forts to The Kingswood treasure. The crux of the game is connecting to the most lucrative Gates, and preventing opponents from doing the same.

To help you in this job, each round, you attempt to gain control of 1 of 5 Court Officlal Roles: Merchant, Real Estate Agent, Foreman, Soldier and Spy. Each role has specific abilities to help them get ahead, as well as assigning their order of play for the round.

Role Cards

You must be careful in your choice, though, for if 2 Houses attempt to control the same Role, their bickering will prevent both from utilising that Role to its full potential.

Once a player gets 60 or more gold, the game is over - And the player with the most gold buys the deed to The Kingswood and wins. It will take great cunning to come out ahead in The Kingswood!

Take a look at the beta rules (v0.9.26) here:
The Kingswood v0.9.26 (beta)

If you have questions about the rules, check out the FAQ.

Game Contents:

  • Rules Book
  • Game Board
  • 20 Role cards (5 roles for each house)
  • 4 Reference cards
  • 64 Road tiles
  • 3 Treasure tiles
  • 4 Gold track tokens
  • 12 Other tokens ( 4 soldier tokens, 8 guard tokens)


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